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About Matt

Work Out Like a Rockstar.

Matt has been helping clients achieve their fitness goals since 2010. His experience with people of all levels and types of fitness goals ensures his ability to procure a creative workout that is both safe and challenging! 

Matt is passionate about functional training in order to help clients of all ages and body types to build strength, power, and mobility that translates beyond the weight scale.




Matt has been training for ten years. He has a passion for helping people move better, feel more confident and encouraging a strong lifestyle. He has worked successfully with a wide variety of clients over the years; extending functional mobility in elderly clients, building flexibility and endurance for motocross competitors, all the way to balance and core work for members of the the Naptown Roller Derby team. Matt strives to give his clients the tools necessary to achieve whatever fitness goals they may have, so that they can move forward with knowledge, strength, and confidence.



I loved working with Matt. He created a personalized workout plan based around my fitness goals and the amount of time I wanted to spend in the gym, and put it all in a really clear Google Doc so I could have it on hand at all times. He also made sure to change it every 6 weeks so that my body (and I!) didn't get bored or used to my workouts. Also just a really nice person - a true midwesterner.



​Matt takes a lot of time to understand your specific needs. I’ve worked with him on my personal goals on and off over the last several years, and he has always been extremely receptive and knowledgeable in getting me to where I need to go. What I like most is that he has a firm grasp on the science behind fitness and nutrition, and he’s happy to share what he knows with you. He is very friendly, and knows how to push you during a workout in an encouraging way. I always recommend him to my friends, I think there’s something in Matt’s method for everyone.



I have told Matt repeatedly that he should be qualified as a physical therapist. His knowledge of the human body and the interest he takes with his clients makes him a prime candidate. He has a lot of patience and has an uncanny way of knowing how far to have me go without me having to say anything.



Matt is a great personal trainer in every respect! He is attentive, focused, patient, reliable, and fun to work with. And he is always prepared, on time, and professional. I've been working with him for over three months, twice a week, and I expect to continue working with him indefinitely. I cannot recommend him enough.

Online Coaching

30 minutes a week via Zoom, Skype, or Facetime dedicated to your workout goals. This spans program design/upkeep as well as macronutrient information and general coaching.

4-week Customized Program

We set up a 30 minute Zoom/Skype/Facetime consult. This will result in a 4-week customized workout program and basic nutritional guidance for you, and I'll throw in my cell number for any question, at any time.
This includes a 20 minute weekly check-in for any questions, comments or concerns you may have.


Personal Training

Weight loss, Strength Training, Corrective Exercise... I'm here for YOU. Let's do work and create the better version of yourself, together. 
I'm here to help:
- Build Stability
- Increase Metabolism
- Develop a Stronger Core
- Enhance Functional Strength
- Build a Comprehensive Cardio Program
- Provide Accountability and Nutritional Guidance


Contact Me


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